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        Flexible door leaf production line
        Product Specifications Description:
        Flexible flush door leaf production line is based on automation standalone machines-continuous press machine,four edge saw,edge banding machine,on-line detection equipment,CNC lock hole and hinge slot machine,double surface engraving machine,CNC short  edge processing machine,etc.adding accessory units such as loading & unloading manipulator,on-line storage,and transit,positioning,rotate conveyors.The main parameter,speed,automation structure,control method are consistent and interrelated,material logistics & information flow synchronously transmitted.Automatically identify,regulate & machining door leaf with different specifications to satisfy customized production demand of "batch & quantity consistent" and unmanned operation.It could be customized according to user's production craft,workshop layout and production capacity etc.
        • Auto identification
        • Auto adjustment
        • Auto positioning
        • Auto processing
        • Batch & quantity consistent
        • Point by point scan/general control is optional




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